This is an ongoing project to develop a Context Oriented Theatre adaptation of the Sufi poem made famous in the recent past by Peter Brook's production.

We have gone through several stages in developing the show and it has so far been performed in different versions in Portugal, Wales and Romania.

We continue to adapt and modify with the aim of creating a Context Oriented Theatre 'signature piece.' 

As important as the play is the means of its development, which has to a large extent been through the kindness and sense of adventure of all the participants.  

We are also moving towards a professional international company who can tour continuously as a company in residence, building yurts, performing the play, offering training and also developing Sensory Labyrinth Theatre events.

We desperately need funds to continue to develop this work and the international company.  So if you in any way feel you would like to contribute please get in touch.  If you want to contribute with money then please click below.